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Considering Starting A Strict Diet? Read This First!

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Considering Starting A Strict Diet? Read This First!

Does yet another diet promise you an astonishing look and loosing kilos in a blink of an eye? Discover the dangers of the most popular diets and also some benefits they still could provide.

Time never stops, and we always want to get everything as fast as possible. No wonder as this desire is quite normal in the modern hectic and fast paced world. But you should be aware – when it comes to diets, this kind of approach is unacceptable. Even if you would manage to get rid of some of your access kilos, it will cost you your health. The most popular modern diets are an excellent example.

Juice diet

This diet is based on consuming only fresh juices for 7 to 14 days straight. Although the conditions are strict to say the least, nowadays this method is extremely popular. The diet is both tasty and quite effective – one melts like an ice cream under the sun, – but that does not mean it’s harmless. The lack of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibre affects your health negatively, which may result in exhaustion, low muscular tone and hair loss. The lack of fat and fibre also leads to digestion problems. Even the abundance of vitamins, which is usually perceived as something positive, is actually a drawback, as it can cause a hyper-vitaminosis –access of vitamins in the body which leads to a dysfunction similar to poisoning.

There is a lot of evidence of people curing very serious health issues while following a juice diet. However this MUST be done under a strict guidance and supervision of a specialist.
Despite that, one or even three days on juices alone can be quite effective and harmless, granted that you are a healthy person. Moreover, a glass of juice a day helps strengthening your immune system and improves your appearance. Try this: make juice from the half of a medium sized beet, one big carrot and three apples. Note that it should be consumed immediately; otherwise all the good qualities will disappear in 15 minutes.


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The Protein-only diet

At first, this may seem like a perfect diet for anyone who wishes to lose weight – you can eat a lot of seafood, eggs, fish and meat – things one would normally eat. Of course, it should contain as little fat as possible: if it’s meat, then it should be chicken or beef, fish – hake or tuna. Vegetables, fruits and cereals are strictly prohibited. The bright side of the diet is quite obvious – you lose weight fast and don’t feel hungry. But your body receives almost no vitamins, which can lead to exhaustion and malaise. Why? Because our body is used to producing energy from the carbohydrates, not proteins, and it is difficult for it to switch to another source.
However, in order to lose weight in a healthy way it is crucial that you consume a sufficient amount of lean protein every day. That allows your body to develop muscles, leading to faster metabolism and calorie burning. Nevertheless, the diet should be balanced and include low-calorie carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that helps the body to work properly.

You should develop a healthy habit of having protein at every meal throughout the day. Especially this is important to have a high protein breakfast and dinner every day in your diet. Such a breakfast allows maintaining a healthy insulin level and not feeling hungry until lunch, holding one from eating snacks between the meals.
Also, high carbohydrate dinner would make you gain those unnecessary centimetres, whereas a low calorie (lean) protein dinner does not turn into fat, building muscles and other tissues instead. And it leaves you full for a long time.

In order to reach your fitness goals whether this is weight loss either weight gain, it’s important to follow your individual daily protein intake amount. This number will be different to men and female and will change along the way when your weigh will start changing. It is recommended by the professionals that in average we should be consuming about 55 grams of protein daily, but this number is individual and depends on many different factors.

In order to calculate your Individual Protein Factor, please follow the link below:


Everyone knows that mono-diets make people lose weight extremely fast. Fasting days that make a couple of kilos go away almost instantly (never mention that only water can go away this fast) or extreme methods such as two-week trials of cottage cheese, yogurt or apples that promise you 10 kilos down by the end of the period. It sound so appealing, but the problem is that after the diet ends, your body starts getting and storing fat from every source it can, which leads to getting fat even though you eat normal. Lack of vitamins and the most important a slower metabolism – that is what makes this diet dangerous. This always leads to so called Yo-Yo effect, when the one gains a double amount of kilos that has been lost during the diet and it gets even more difficult to control your weight afterwards as body is not able to burn calories as fast anymore.

The answer lies within changing your eating habits and adopting a new life-style rather than just a one off diet. Give up refined sugar packed chocolates for healthier dried fruits and two big meals a day for several smaller ones. When you have at least 5 small balanced meals a day it allows boosting your metabolism and burn calories more efficiently. Any diet should be diverse, and supplemented by a lot of clean water.

By the way, you won’t achieve any long lasting results if your diet is not supported by exercises. Everything should be in balance. Workouts won’t compensate unhealthy eating habits and diets won’t give you a good looking healthy body. It is very important to have proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a diet. Your muscles require a supply of energy, and if there is no proteins (which muscles consist of), there are also no results from working out. And, the more muscles you have, the more calories you lose, even when resting.

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